A whole new design for the Nimo Offshore F 30 powerboat

Nimo Boat
Stavanger / Norway
Mob: +47 944 22 245
Email: Nimoboat
Design / produsent
Eivind Velde

Speed and exitement with the
speed boat Nimo Offshore F 30

As the name "Offshore" indicates the boat is constructed for fast and seaworthy travel on the open sea. The long raking bow cuts through the waves and the modern V-bottom construction (23/24 degrees) gives optimal planing qualities and soft landings. The boat carries various types of engine and has the potential to go 70 knot. Below water the hull is similar to the original model from 1985 but everything above water-line is new. The boat is now larger, longer, and considerably more good-looking. The original 27 foot hull has been lengthened to 30' 6" with the addition of the new bathing platform. Design, development and production takes place at the company's Leirvik facility in Stavanger, Norway.

...or perhaps a family outing
Driver-, passenger seat and astern sofa makes it possible for the crew to travel with pleasant comfort since the boat is high and the crew sits deep. The new innerliner has a more modern and smarter solution with a big cabin with a double bed and u-sofa with a hidden adjustment for toilet and room for TV. Berth for 6 persons: 2 in the double bed (190 cm), 2 on the u-sofa and 2 on the sundeck. Floor with steps down to the cabin. Plenty of stowage room. Extra big integrated bathing platform on 1 metre with a hatch for telescopic bathing ladder and 2 ski- and fishingrod hatches. Forward there is a drained anchorroom with a hatch, astern a closed collapsible hood with hatch (to install the hood with clamps) and a big engineroom hatch and 2 hatches by this. The windscreen is delivered in aluminium with clear or coloured glass. The console has steps where the crew can go up and out to the deck and through the windscreen hatch.

Moulding tecnique
The boat is produced with ISO Polyester and glass fibre mat of best quality. Hullsides, deck and floor are moulded with Divinycell Sandwichmaterial, GRP (corematerial for maximum strenght and soundisolation and minimum weight). All parts are delivered finished cleancut and smeared with Topcoat. All steps in the hull are filled together with 2 special built stringers (supporters) with engine support longitudinal from astern to bow. The hull continues with necessary strenghtening. Installed cabel drawpipes. No body work screws - only bolt through. Installed floor, bulkhead and guiding pipes.